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Hollow board printing
Product Description

The printed hollow board can be used in all walks of life as a packaging material. In order to satisfy the vision, brand image display is widely used in the advertising industry. Hollow board printing can play the role of anti-ultraviolet and waterproof, and has many advantages over paper printing advertisements. In addition to the advertising industry, there are weekly packing of industrial products, home furnishing, automotive industry, electrical appliances industry, construction industry, baby products and so on.

Hollow board billboard

Used for small advertisements, display boards, sign boards, warning signs, safety signs, etc. It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, wear-resistant and recyclable.

1. Billboards can be customized in different sizes and specifications according to relevant requirements, and various irregular-shaped billboards have high flexibility.

2. Hollow board billboards are widely used in shopping mall safety signs, road signs, small billboards, and various safety, instructions, and warning signs.

3. Hollow boards are used in the advertising industry. Printing and other content can be screen printed or UV printed according to customer requirements.

4. The hollow board billboard is light in weight, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and has high practicability.

5. Compared with similar metal display racks, wooden display racks, and plexiglass display racks, its value is equivalent or better, but the cost of hollow panels is much lower than similar tools after the price is quantified. .

6. In the selection of similar display equipment, the hollow billboard has the smallest volume, the lightest, and can be detached and folded

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